What Are The Best Lipstick Colors for Dark Skin?

Having a dark skin can be one of the most beautiful things. Its dark appeal and mysterious look will often turn heads but even then, you need to know how to accessorize with lipstick colors for dark skin in order to bring out your true beauty.

Lipstick shades can play a big role. Not every lipstick will work on dark skin. There are many women who just apply whatever they come across and eventually, they end up looking like clowns. You don’t need to go through this and that’s why we have created a list of shades for you that you can use anytime.

How to Choose Shades for Your Lips?

Before we give you some of the top lipstick colors for dark skin, it’s important to, first of all, understand how to choose these shades. The first thing you should do is to understand your skin tone. There are many simple ways to do this.

For example, you can look at the inner side of your arm to assess the color of your veins. If the veins are blue, or purple, it means that your skin tone is cool. If the veins are green, it means that you have a warm skin tone.

For people who are not sure of the vein color or are having difficulties deciding which color the veins are, then you are somewhere in between according to WikiHow.

Nonetheless, once you understand your skin tone, you can easily pick the lipstick. The rule of thumb is to pick a lipstick color that is one or two shades deeper than your natural lip color.

Your lip color will often go along with your skin tone. Darker skin tones will have a darker or deeper lip color while light skin people with a cooler tone will have cooler lip colors.

What Are The Best Shades for Dark Skin?

lipstick colors for dark skin

In case you have dark skin, there are a few shades that we think can really make you look amazing. These shades are picked by the best grooming experts and we have seen them applied to lips. They always look great.

Well, here is the full list for you:

Copper Brown

The appeal of copper brown on your lips is so clear. It’s a sultry shade that will be perfect for darker women. The shade will also work well with practically any dress or any event that you are attending.


Red is such a very common shade but its magic will always be new every day. Red is a universal option for any skin tone. It looks classy, seductive, and enticing. If you can get a matching lip liner, it will be great. Try adding a little glitter on top of the red too for the best results.


Taupe is often perfect for dark women who have a deeper complexion than normal. There are a few twists though that can be used to embellish it. Home Style thinks glitter will always go well with taupe so give it a try.

Rose Pink

In case you are not sure about red, you can decide to go for rose pink. Vivid shades of rose pink can be the spark you need to bring out your dark complexion. The color is charming, sophisticated, and very unique. It will surely touch the heart of anyone who sees you.


We also believe that magenta can be a great catch for you. There are two things though that you need to understand about this shade.

First of all, there is a very big difference between rose pink and magenta. Do not confuse the two. Secondly, magenta is louder than pink rose and has often been common with African dark and Asian dark women. You can also use fuchsia in place of magenta according to Allure.

Chocolate Brown

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Can we really use chocolate brown on a dark skin? Well, you can. There is no big difference between chocolate brown and copper brown. The only difference is that the former is a little darker than the latter.

Nonetheless, it’s a great shade for dark tones and it will suit your skin color very well without taking away attention from the other makeup features on your face.


Using the right lipstick colors for dark skin is an essential part of bringing out your beauty. Taking care of dark skin and applying makeup is very easy. All you need to do is to understand how things are done. The simple guide above will always help you.