Best Nail Clippers – Let Us Help You Choose The Best One

For neat looking hands and clean nails it is very important to take good care of them. A very important part of manicures and pedicures is clipping your nails, to a perfect shape and that is where nail clippers come into the scenario.

And nail clippers are not the only thing you need. Since we do not live in the age of cavemen’s anymore, there are a lot of sophisticated tools available to trip, file and shape our nails and these all come in a single set these days. You do not have to go around trying to assemble each one of the components for your personal nail care.

Why Using Trim Clippers Are Important Sign of Hygiene?

It is often said that you can judge the hygiene of a person by looking at his nails – you would not want to have dinner with someone with dirty, crooked and yellow nails. The same goes for you as well, no one would want to be around with you if you show them that you do not care what your nails look like. Buy nail clippers – that is the first step towards your nail hygiene.

Choose The Best Stainless Steel Nail Clipper

There are lots of these nail cutter sets available everywhere but all are not as good obviously. Try buying the one that suits your needs perfectly but does not become too heavy on your pockets.

Here I present to you three of the best ones that I know of and hopefully you too, will find them to be equally useful. I will list down a comparison of their individual features so that it is easier for you people to compare and find out the one that suits your needs.

best nail clippers

You have to remember that everything in this world comes with a set of pros and cons and in the same way these nail clippers have them too. My request to you people would be to not get biased towards either the pros or the cons and make the decision to buy the best nail clipper for you.

ModelZwilling J.A. Henckels Nail ClipperSeki Edge Takumi No Waza
2-piece Grooming Kit
Three Seven Nail Clipper Kit
Manufactured InGermanyJapanKorea
Contained InA leather pouch.Genuine leather zip-up carrying case.Hard case.
Editor’s ChoiceGoodExcellentGood
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1. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Ultra-Slim Nail Clipper:

This is the most basic nail trimmer where you just get a single folding finger nail clipper, famous for its innovative design.zwilling j a henckels ultra slim nail clipper

This award-winning, German-engineered product will help you cut your nails with excellent precision. The whole process is very busy because of how razor sharp the cutter is and being a single unit, it is also very easy to carry. The thing comes in a leather pouch so that you only get your nails cut with it and not anything else accidentally.

This Zwilling nail clipper has a commendable satin finish and ultra-sharp curved cutting edges in premium quality stainless steel.


This is quite a quality nail clipper and is perfect for someone who does not need too much hassle and is happy with simple stuff. The thing does not perhaps provide a lot of features but is very good for whatever little it does. German technology obviously plays quite a significant role in the making of even this tiny nail clipper and that is why perhaps it is so efficient at what it does.

   Cuts like a knife.
   Looks like it is made of titanium.
   Easy to carry.
   Instructions are a little complicated.
   A little difficult to lock.

2. Seki Edge Takumi No Waza 2-piece Grooming Kit:

This is a whole nail trimming kit by Green Bell. This is perhaps the smallest Takumi No Waza Kit but does not lack much in its components of trim clippers.seki edge takumi no waza 2 piece grooming kit

Its components can be used both for manicures and pedicure and are contained in a sleek leather zip-up carrying case. The kit contains two great quality nail clippers, different ones for your hands and feet. This is primarily because finger nails are smaller than toe nails and so the one you use to cut you toe nails can’t be appropriate for your fingernails.

Always be prepared for the unexpected: we can never know at what random moments we might need to trim our nails; use this nail cutter set anywhere and everywhere you go.


Contained in an amazing leather case, the nail grooming set can also act well as a gift set. The Takumi No Waza is like a big brother with a tiny little bit more facility than the one by Zwilling J.A. Henckels. The one by Green Bell just gives you an extra component in case you can’t maneuver the Zwilling to get your work done.

   Great case and sharp clippers.
   Very easy to handle.
   Heavy and bulky.
   No nail filer present.

3. Three Seven Nail Clipper Kit:

This is perhaps the best set for nail grooming. It contains a total of 11 components: toe nail clipper, nail clipper, cuticle trimmer,three seven nail clipper kit set tool small nail clipper, tweezers, file, safety scissors, double-sided push stick, V-shaped push stick, beauty scissors, and an ear-pick.

It is a complete hygiene care for your ears and nails and in spite of containing so many things the product is surprisingly non-intrusive and trim and thus can go in anywhere you want it to take it.

This nail cutter set is the most complete one where they would not give you any reason to complain. The product comes with a life-time warranty but only (obviously!) against manufacturing defects.


If you are looking for a gift, this should be your first pick. Not only does it look fancy but it is also very efficient and works wonderfully well. The life time warranty against manufacturing defects is an added incentive to but this beauty.

   A complete set of grooming tools.
   Comes in a very attractive case.
   There comes no explanation with the product
about the usage of the different components.