Best Professional Hair Dryer – Your Buying Guide to the Ultimate Hair Dryer

A hair dryer comes in handy to both working professionals as well as homemakers when they are in a hurry and need to get their hair dried within a short while. The market has been flooded with a range of hair dryers of different brands and prices.

This makes the buyer confused and one may end up buying the wrong dryer which is not likely to serve his or her purpose. That is the reason why we have come up with this buyer guide that will help you to select a good hair dryer.

Choosing A Hair Dryer is Difficult

It is not very easy to choose a proper hair dryer. They are galore in the online shopping websites and need to be chosen depending on several factors.

Factors to Consider for Buying A Hair Dryer Online

  • Type of hair: The type of hair that you have will play a major role in the selection of a dryer. Some people have thick hair while others have it thin. Some have straight hair while that of the others is curly.
  • Features: Today’s dryers not only convert wet hair into dry but also come with some additional features.
  • Price: There come in different price ranges and you should select your dryer accordingly.

Best Professional Hair Dryer

Today we will tell you about the three best Portable Hair Dryers of the time. A few basic details about the dryers are given in the table below:

ModelBaByliss Pro BAB2000 Xtreme DryerRUSK Speed Freak 2000W DryerInStyler BLU Turbo Ionic Dryer
Number of SettingsSix speed or heat setting combinationThree heat settings- warm, cool and hotTwo heat settings and cool shot button
Editor’s ChoiceExcellentGoodGood
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

1. BaByliss Pro BAB2000 – The Ceramic Xtreme Dryer

It provides an extremely gentle treatment to your hair. The far-infrared heat of the dryer protects your hair from damage. It is a powerful dryer which considerably reduces the drying time for your hair. It produces adequate babyliss pro bab2000 dryerwarmth and dries air efficiently. This Professional Hair Dryer comes with adjustable settings so that you can the appropriate temperature as well as the speed.

However, you should also know the right way of using it such that the hair can be twirled in the proper way. It doesn’t make your hair frizzy unlike many other dryers that are commonly used.

The excellent performance of the dryer even makes it appear to people as if you have used a straightener for the hair. The hair feels silky smooth after it has been dried.


The BaByliss ceramic blow dryer is a quality hair dryer from BaByliss which can be used to give your hair a soft and silky look and this can be achieved within a lesser amount of time.

   Dries hair while making it smooth.
   It is customizable for use.
   It is a safe hair dryer.
   It has an elongated shape and might not be suitable for you.
   The dryer is not durable enough

2. RUSK Speed Freek 2000W Dryer – A Premium Hair Dryer

The RUSK Speed Freak is a standard hair dryer which is capable of converting wavy or frizzy hair into poker straight! It comes from the house of RUSK, a famous brand in beauty-care. It is easy to handle- neither too heavy nor too light.

The switches here are not of the on-off type but are horizontal. So, there is little chance for them to be accidentally pressed. The three settings- hot, warm and cool are distinctly different from each other and are justifiable according to the names.

The combination of tourmaline and ceramic produces a gentle heat which is evenly spaced and is not likely to cause any harm to the hair. It is thus absolutely safe for the hair and can be used for children’s hair too! Also, the negative ions of tourmaline help in drying your hair at a speed 70% more than the others.


The speed freak 2000 is a dryer that is capable of converting wavy or frizzy hair into silky straight hair at a very fast rate. It is a safe choice for the hair and is convenient to handle.

   The usage of tourmaline and ceramic makes the dryer faster to operate.
   Negative ions from tourmaline make it a safe choice for the hair.
   It is of a moderate weight and is thus easy to handle.
   Inability to adjust it properly can make the dryer unworthy of use.

3. InStyler BLU Turbo Ionic DryerThe Light yet Powerful Dryer

It is one of the most light-weight dryers and is easy enough to handle. It is quite Powerful Hair Dryer too and can dry the hair up to two times faster. It has a turbo ionic settings with turbo ion and low ion settings. InStyler BLU Turbo Ionic dryerThe airflow can be customized to meet your drying and styling needs.

You can customize the number of negative ions here in order to convert your frizzy hair into silky straight and that too within a very short time. If it takes about 20-25 minutes time to dry your hair in a normal hair dryer, here it will take about 12-15 minutes.

It is one of the quietest hair dryers and does not make any noise during its operation. The speed of airflow can be controlled using the infinity button.

The dryer not only allows you to dry your hair effectively but is also good from the aesthetic viewpoint. It has a unique design with a touch of blue.


The BLU turbo ionic dryer is a light-weight dryer that has a super fast speed of operation. Another great feature to find in this dryer is its noiselessness. The customizability of speed is also another important feature.

   The aesthetic design.
   The light-weight nature.
   The speed of drying.
   The customizability of speed.
   Some users have found the temperature to be not adequately high.

So these are the top three dryers that one can use at their home as well as at a professional level. Pick one and get started!