20 Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair That Will Make You Stand Out

Whether you are planning your wedding and want to make sure that your bridesmaids look great or you have to come up with your own style for a wedding that you are in, having a selection of great bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair to choose from will ensure that you look and feel your best.

No matter if you want a style that will showcase your length or something that is swept up and off of your neck, there is a style for everyone.

Check out these great 20 styles so that you are sure to be prepared when you go to a stylist before the big day.

1. Choose a High Bun

high bun

Image: tonyastylist

If the weather is hot or you want to show off a great necklace, sweep up your hair into a high bun such as Tonya Stylist does on Instagram. This is great for girls who have really long and thick hair and will keep it out of the way.

2. Long Loose Waves

Long Loose Waves

Image: michellelangephotography.com

You really can’t go wrong with long and loose waves such as the ones at Michelle Lange Photography. This is a simple style that looks great on any bridesmaid who has long enough hair to enjoy loose and beachy waves.

3. Add Volume Up Top

Add Volume Up Top

Image: munaluchibridal.com

To keep things interesting, try adding extra volume on the top of the head. This looks great when combined with an intricate design that uses the rest of the bridesmaids long hair, as shown at Munaluchi Bridal.

4. Large Braid with Low Bun

Large Braid with Low Bun

Image: alliedoeshair

While buns are great, a large braid along the side of the head adds a lot of visual interest to this style. Pay attention to what Allie Does Hair does on Instagram and your long locks will look great.

5. Wrap a Top Braid

Wrap a Top Braid

Image: stylemepretty.com

A braid wrapped over the top of the head is a great way to add interest to a hairstyle and create one that will really stand out. Over at Style Me Pretty you can see how amazing this looks.

6. Keep the Curls

Keep the Curls

Image: hairromance.com

There’s no reason to fight the curls when you’re a bridesmaid. Instead, embrace how amazing that they look and sweep them into an updo the way they show you over at Hair Romance for a look that is unforgettable.

7. Pull Back Beachy Waves

Pull Back Beachy Waves

Image: flawlessonsite

Beachy waves always look great at a wedding, and when you pull some of them back to show off your face, you are sure to look great. Flawless On Site shows how to do it and look amazing on Instagram.

8. Go Vintage Sideswept Roll

Go Vintage Sideswept Roll

Image: apracticalwedding.com

A Practical Wedding shows that even modern weddings can benefit from a touch of vintage flair. This hairstyle looks amazing on most anyone and the roll of hair resting gently over one eye will create an air of mystery for any bridesmaid.

9. Braid a Crown

Braid a Crown

Image: hairromance.com

At Hair Romance you’ll find a high braided crown that looks amazing and keeps the back of the neck clear of any wisps of hair. This hairstyle is a great option for girls with long hair who want to make sure that they stay cool during the ceremony.

10. Choose a Bouffant

Choose a Bouffant

Image: hairstylist_ani

Skip the bouffant on top of your head and place one at the nape of your neck for a hairstyle that will make you stand out. Hairstylist Ani  shows how beautiful and sleek this can look on Instagram.

11. Accent with Flowers

Accent with Flowers

Image: beautyandtheblush

Pulling back some of your hair and then using flowers to accent it can look great, as shown by Beauty And The Blush on Instagram. Choose the flowers for your look to match the ones in your bouquet so that you look really put together.

12. Enjoy an Easy Braid

Enjoy an Easy Braid

Image: apracticalwedding.com

The experts at A Practical Wedding show how easy it is to take two small braids on either side of the head and immediately elevate a hairstyle to the next level. Pair these braids with beachy waves for an amazing look.

13. Tuck Your Chignon

Tuck Your Chignon

Image: Anicito_Mario

Chignons don’t always have to be neat, and can look even nicer when they are a bit messy and free-form. This is perfect when you are in a more casual wedding. Check out what Anicito Mario did on Instagram.

14. Use a Crown

Use a Crown

Image: musesuniform.com

If you or your bridesmaid already have stunning hair, then all you need to do is top it off with a gorgeous crown or tiara. Girls with super curly hair will look amazing with their locks topped off, as shown by Muses Uniform.

15. Half Down, Half Up

Half Down, Half Up

Image: apracticalwedding.com

Keep it simple with a half down, half up style that is topped off with flowers for a unique and gorgeous look. At A Practical Wedding they know that simple hairstyles often look the best and can be impressive.

16. Braid Your Updo

Braid Your Updo

Image: SK-MU

On Instagram, Sunkissed And Made Up created a beautiful braided half-up, half-down style that is stunning. Keep your braid loose and simple to ensure that you really stand out and that your hair won’t be pulled too tight.

17. Choose a Side Pony

Choose a Side Pony

Image: hairromance.com

Girls with thick and curly hair will love having their locks pulled into a side pony such as they did at Hair Romance. This is a very easy hairstyle that anyone can pull off, and it looks great with curly hair that can otherwise be unruly.

18. Choose a Headband Braid

Choose a Headband Braid

Image: missysue.com

Use a braid across the front of the head for a headband that will stand out. At Missy Sue, they show not only how easy this look is, but how amazing it will look when it is finished.

19. Go Fishy Tail Braid

Go Fishy Tail Braid

Image: theprettyparlour

An incredible fishtail braid will make you look amazing, as shown on Instagram by The Pretty Parlour. This type of braid is just a little more exciting than a traditional braid and will impress everyone who sees you at the wedding.

20. Do the Twist

Do the Twist

Image: theprettyparlour

A French twist doesn’t have to be boring, as evidence by The Pretty Parlour on Instagram. This look is a little more formal, but still fresh and has enough movement to be interesting, making it a great choice for any wedding.

When you want to look great or keep your bridesmaids gorgeous, choose one of these hairstyles that are sure to impress!