Cheap Makeup Brushes – How to Pick the Best One?

A flawless make-up is the key to attractive looks and for applying the make-up. You will be in need of standard yet affordable make-up brushes.

A Buying Guide for The Best Makeup Brushes

Today we will introduce you to the top three cheap brushes of the time that will help you to colour the canvas of your face just the way you want to. Each of these Cosmetic Brushes has gained popularity due to their unique properties and the functionalities provided by them.

Factors to Consider While Buying Good Makeup Brushes

Quality: The quality of the brush is an important factor to look for. It should be such that the brush does not harm the skin in any way and allows you to apply the makeup easily.

Purpose: A lot depends on the purpose for which you use the brush. Different make-up brushes are meant for different parts of your face and are sized and shaped accordingly.

Price: The brush should be affordable and provide a good value for money.

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Given below is a table specifying the basic facts about the top three make-up brushes of the day:

ModelMalika Jafrin Makeup Brush SetSHANY Pro Signature Brush SetLamora Makeup Brush Set
Number of Pieces102410
BristlesHigh Quality Synthetic HairBadger, Pony, Sable, Goat
and Synthetic Microfiber
Editor’s ChoiceGoodExcellentGood
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

1. Malika Jafrin Makeup Brush Set The Versatile Brush Set

It is a set of ten Professional Makeup Brushes, designed to serve multiple purposes such as blending, contouring, highlighting and powder setting. The bristles are of a superior quality and are absolutely safe for use, being cruelty-free in nature.Malika Jafrin Makeup Brush

If you are sick and tired with your old brushes that easily fall apart while applying the makeup, you can try this one for a change. Its VEGAN bristles are strong and designed in a durable and sturdy way.

The brushes are of the appropriate size- they are neither too big nor too small. Holding them is super easy. So, why go for the unnecessarily long brushes?

It will also be a great option if you have got sensitive skin or a skin prone to allergies. The brushes are packed in such a way that you will not have any difficulties in carrying them in case you are going out on a tour.


The kabuki brush set is highly suitable for all different makeup processes and is absolutely safe for all skin types. Another positive feature to look for in this set is the sturdy design of bristles ensures that they do not fall apart during use.

   The zip-lock heavy duty plastic case enables you to carry it easily.
   The bristles are pliable and soft.
   The brushes are quite durable.
   The density of the bristles is lesser than the other bushes of its type.

2. SHANY Pro Signature Brush Set – A Large Collection of Handy Brushes

This Cosmetic Brush Set has 24 brushes of different sizes which are designed by the professional makeup artists from USA. The bristles are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial treated and are great for the skin. They are stylish and sleek and come with rosewood or oakwood handles for a comfortable grip.SHANY Pro Signature Brush

There is a faux leatherette which makes it easier for you to carry the brushes while travelling. One thing you will love about these brushes is that they are of the appropriate weight- neither too heavy, nor too light. It will be easy for you to hold them as well as to apply the makeup. Moreover, they have a feel-good factor associated with them (probably due to the sophisticated look and feel) and allow you to pamper yourself fully.

The brushes do not only look great and feel great but help in getting a flawless makeup. No matter whether it is an eye-make up or blush-on, you will be able to do it just the way you want to!


The shany 24 piece brush set is an assortment of stylish and handy brushes that can be used for different makeup purposes. The brushes come with soft bristles and are also great in terms of ergonomics.

   It has two dozens of brushes meant for specific uses, unlike the other ones which have about ten brushes.
   The brushes come with wooden handles that are sturdy as well as convenient to be gripped.
   The bristles are soft and sturdy.
   The smell is a bit unpleasant.
   A few users have found black dye to leak out while cleaning the brushes.

3. Lamora Makeup Brush Set – Looks Plus Functionality

It is a Beauty Brushes Set where the brushes have supersoft, silky and dense bristles. It includes brushes of different shapes and sizes- angled, round, flat, tapered and works well with different products such as foundations, BB Creams and powdered minerals.Cheap Lamora Makeup Brush Using them, you can perform different tasks related to make-ups such as blending, contouring, stippling and shading.

The bristles are non-porous and hence there is no question of trapping or absorption. It thus nullifies the chance of wastage of your expensive beauty products.

The brushes not only look pretty but are flawless in their work too. They can be used both at home as well as by the professional make-up artists.


The lamora brushes are one-of-a-kind brushes that combine quality with aesthetics and can be used for different makeup procedures. They will help you to get the desired look within your budget.

   The brushes provide great value for money.
   There are brushes of different shapes and sizes to suit the different make-up procedures.
   They are soft and are not likely to cause any harm to the skin.
   It does not come with any descriptions and it is thus difficult for the novices to identify the brush types and their utilities.

So, these are the three best make up brushes of the day. Choose one and give yourself a gorgeous look!