18 Cute Acrylic Nail Designs Boost Your Outstanding Look

Painting your nails is a great way to express yourself and brighten up your outfit. If you are tired of the same old manicure that you have had for years now, then it’s time to consider some new cute acrylic nail designs that will perk up your outfit and have you feeling fresh again.

Any of these designs will take your manicure from boring to glam, and will be a fun way to draw attention to your nails and the hard work that you put into them!

Check out these fun 18 designs and enjoy doing your nails! The only problem will be choosing which design you are going to do first, as they are all so fun.

1. Floral Short Nail

Floral Short Nail

image: instagram

One great way to showcase your nails for spring is with a short manicure and a floral design. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw a specific flower, as any floral design will look great in bright colors. Check it out on Ashley Kennon.

2. Show Your Anna and Elsa Love

Show Your Anna and Elsa Love

image: flightofwhimsy

If you can’t get enough of Frozen, then you’ll love these inspired nails from Flight of Whimsy. Glitter nails and one floral nail match the outfits of the two girls and will allow you to sport cute nails that really mean something to you.

3. Enjoy Some Kitties

Enjoy Some Kitties Love

image: collegefashion.net

If you love cats, then having them prance along your nails is a very cute idea. While this nail art seems a little tricky to pull off, you’ll love the step-by-step directions at College Fashion that make it easy for you to enjoy your own set of kitties.

4. Add Some Glitter

Add Some Glitter

image: instagram

Painting all of your nails one color and then adding glitter on one finger will certainly cause people to take a second look at your manicure. Choose similar colors for a modern look or go bold with bright shades as seen here on Kasandra Rosario.

5. Get Ready for the Holidays

Get Ready for the Holidays

image: spurplecastle

If you love all things turkey and can’t wait for big holiday meals with your family, then you’ll adore these cute nails from Purple Castle. They show how easy it is to make nail that will be the talk of your next family dinner!

6. Bling Nails for Winter

Bling Nails for Winter

image: akabailey

What a cute manicure without some jewels and sparkle? You can easily see how simple this look is when you trust the experts at akabailey for advice. Choose lots of sparkles and rhinestones for a look that you won’t soon forget.

7. Go Marbled

Go Marbled

image: sheknows.com

This popular nail design is a little daunting if you haven’t ever given it a shot. The colors are so pretty swirled together that it’s worth learning how to decorate your nails in this way, and at SheKnows they make the whole process as easy as possible.

8. Fall Ombre Nails

Fall Ombre Nails

image: peacelovelacquer.com

Instead of completing an ombre effect on each nail, which can be tricky and time consuming, you can do what Peace Love Lacquer did here, and use different colors on each nail. This creates a fun look that can be inspired by your favorite colors, the seasons, or a flower.

9. DIY Ombre Nails

DIY Ombre Nails

image: bellatory.com

Ombre nails look incredible and like they should take forever, but you can easily master this cute design with just a little effort. The pros over at Bellatory show how easy it is to turn each one of your nails into a work of art.

10. Embrace the Storm

Embrace the Storm

image: peacelovelacquer.com

If you love stormy weather, then you’re going to love having lightning bolts on your nails. This technique looks tricky, but Peace Love Lacquer breaks it down and makes it really easy for even beginners to do.

11. Enjoy the Rainbow

Enjoy the Rainbow

image: scarves-outlet.com

Rather than painting each nail a different color, you can enjoy all of the colors of the rainbow a little more refined. The creative minds at Scarves Outlet make the whole process as fast and as easy as possible.

12. Go Black and Gold

Go Black and Gold

image: scarves-outlet.com

Black and gold have always looked great together, and as a nail design it’s no different. When you want cute nails that are perfect for a fancy dinner out, this is the way to go. Check them out on Scarves Outlet here.

13. Lovely Lace

Lovely Lace

image: alllacqueredup.com

For a very formal event such as a wedding, you can’t go wrong with lace on your nails. This cute design looks great on your acrylic nails. Check them out over at All Lacquered Up, then give them a shot yourself.

14. Wear Snakeskin

Wear Snakeskin

image: alllacqueredup.com

For a fresh take on a mod look, go for animal print that is a little out of the ordinary. While leopard print has been popular for years, if you want to shake things up a little bit, then opt for snakeskin, instead. Try natural grays like they did at All Lacquered Up for a look you’ll love.

15. Shake up Your French Tips

Shake up Your French Tips

image: wikihow.com

If you love the way that your French tips look, but want a fresh take on an old favorite, then it’s time to opt for a brighter metallic color on your tips. These are perfect for a night out with friends or a hot date. See them on WikiHow and spice up your next manicure.

16. Go Two Toned

Go Two Toned

image: sonailicious.com

A two-toned look may not be anything new, but when you use small droplets stickers to separate the colors you’ll come up with a fresh look. Choose colors that pop when placed next to each other so you can get the most out of your manicure, as shown by So Nailicious.

17. Spend Some Time in Space

Spend Some Time in Space

image: peacelovelacquer.com

Galaxy nails are very cute and a lot of fun. They look great with any outfit, and since you can pick and choose the colors that you want to use, you can easily adjust the look to match what you’re wearing. Check them out on Peace Love Lacquer.

18. Rock Some Polka Dots

Rock Some Polka Dots

image: nailbees.com

Nothing is cuter than polka dots, and when you have them on your nails you’re sure to feel fresh and fun. Opt for bright colors that match your outfit if you want to be as cute as possible, as seen here on Nailbees.

When you’re ready to shake up your normal nail routine and try something new, we know that you’ll love any of these fun styles!