Easy And Attractive Eye Makeup For Beginners

Did you know that the mascara segment in the U.S. generated as much as $942 million of sales in 2016 alone?

Are you a beginner when it comes to makeup? Well, there’s no shame in it because all of us have to start somewhere.

We have all gone through the phases of understanding how to brush, how to blend and where to apply the eyeshadow. Being the voice of experience, let us tell you that it is not as hard as you think. Do not stress, because we’ve got your back!

This article on eye makeup for beginners will answer all your makeup related queries so that from here on out, eye makeup application will become a cakewalk for you!

Always Start with a Primer

Applying The Primer is definitely the most important step. It helps to instantly create a smooth surface for the application of the makeup of the eye. Always start with the rest of the steps only after the primer has fully dried. when applying the primer, use your fingertips and work the product onto the skin.

Next, you must apply the Eyeshadow Base. It helps the eyeshadow to stick better in the eyes. A foundation or concealer will work equally well if you’re short of an eyeshadow base.

Which Shades Should You Start With?

eye makeup for beginners

It is recommended to always start with the most basic shades if you’ve never applied eye makeup before. This is ideal to get on with the natural look that you usually wear on a daily basis.

You would need to invest in a highlighter which should always be a shade lighter than the tone of your skin. Facial Highlighter works too! Any credible “eye makeup for beginners” tutorial will always suggest you start with the basic shades and work from there.

How to Use The Different Types of Brushes Properly?

It is important to grab all those essential brushes and make them a permanent part of your makeup kit. The basic brushes that you must buy are a smudger, a small and medium-sized brush for blending purposes and an eyeshadow brush that is usually small and flat for the application.

Apply the lightest shade on the innermost corner of the eye. Then it is easy to blend it in an outward motion. Always remember the inner corner of the eye is where most of the product should be.

One tip is to tap the brush so that there is no excess product on it. Another neat trick is to dip the brush in some water and then glide it on the eyeshadow. This will dampen the eyeshadow enough to help you apply it easily.

The Final Touches

Once you’re done with the eyelid makeup, it is fairly easy to work your way to the bottom of your eye. This is the easy and fun part. Curl Your Eyelashes with the help of mascara to make them look pretty.

You can also use a mascara shield so that it doesn’t smear on the rest of your face. Use eyeliner and glide it across the upper lid of your eye. Also, apply some kohl because no look is complete without it.

And who knows! Maybe with some practice, you might be able to master the application of false eyelashes too!


This basic eye makeup tutorial is the perfect way for beginners to master the art of eye makeup. Basic and natural eye makeup is quite effortless to learn and apply in your daily life, contrary to what you might think.

Do not be daunted because once you start practicing it, you’ll be able to create new looks and blend colors naturally and effortlessly!