What are the Best Techniques for Applying Eyeliner for Almond Eyes?

If you have almond-shaped eyes, you should consider yourself lucky. The slightly upturned corners and oval-shape are well-suited for some of the most popular eyeliner techniques. It is not as difficult to achieve cat eyes or apply the wing-tip look when you follow the best suggestions for selecting and applying eyeliner for almond eyes.

While these techniques can help accentuate your existing features, we believe that there are many other techniques will look great as well. Use these tips to create the perfect look for any occasion.

What are the Basic Steps for Applying Eyeliner?

Before getting into specific techniques, you should understand the basics of applying eyeliner. According to L’Oréal Paris, regardless of your eye shape, the first step is to apply primer. Add a thin layer to ensure that your makeup stays in place.

The next step is to apply eye-shadow. With almond eyes, we think smoky eyes will look great. You can use eye-shadow along the outer corner to draw even more attention to your unique eye shape.

eyeliner for almond eyes

You can also use a highlighter from the inner corner to below the brow line to help make your eyes look brighter and bigger.

You are now ready to apply the eyeliner. Avoid adding too much of a dark eyeliner. A thick, dark line will make your eyes appear smaller. The typical recommendation is to apply a thin line across your lashes.

How Do You Know if You Have Almond Eyes?

According to Popsugar, there are 5 primary eye shapes:

  • Almond eyes
  • Round eyes
  • Hooded lids
  • Mono lids
  • Downturned eyes

To determine your eye shape, we suggest that you look at your upper lids to find a crease. If the crease is not visible, you have hooded or mono lids. If the crease is visible, you have one of the other eye shapes.

With round eyes, there is white around the iris and the lids. With almond eyes, the irises often reach the upper and lower lids. The upper lids will also have a slight upward curve along the outer corners.

Natural Step to Create Cat Eyes or Wing Tips

Cat eyes and wing-tips are incredibly popular eyeliner techniques. However, most of us have trouble achieving these looks. Luckily, with almond-shaped eyes, these techniques are a lot easier and look fantastic. YouTube user EMAN showcases the steps needed for the perfect winged eyeliner.

The steps needed for cat eyes are similar:

  • Apply your primer, eyeshadow, and highlighter
  • Apply a thin line of eyeliner across your lashes
  • Apply more lines near the upper-outer corners of your eyes
  • Draw a short line away from the corner of your eye and form a triangle
  • Fill in the triangle and smooth out any noticeable lines

Why Should You Use Light Eyeliner?

You can use dark eyeliner to create the look that you want to achieve. However, we recommend that you use light eyeliner around your waterline. According to the team at Makeup.com, you should avoid dark eyeliner for almond eyes. The darker makeup may make your eyes look smaller.

Most eyeliner techniques are intended to make your eyes larger and help highlight your natural features. With a dark eyeliner, you get the opposite effect. We suggest that you use a dark eyeliner for the corners of your eyes and lighter colors for the contours of your eyes.

Choosing Eyeliner Based on Your Eye Color

Another consideration to make when applying eyeliner for almond eyes is the color of your eyes. A popular Wikihow article explains that certain shades of eyeliners work best with certain eye colors.

With brown eyes, we prefer the look of a light brown eyeliner. Gold and rusty-colored eyeliners work best with blue eyes. For green eyes, we like the look of reddish eyeliners.

Should You Go Bold with Your Eyeliner?

While your almond-shaped eyes will look fantastic with a bold look, we don’t believe that a bolder technique is suitable for all occasions. When you are going to the club or enjoying a night on the town, we love the bold look. For work, school, and shopping, you may want to tone it down.

You can still accent your beautiful eye shape without cat eyes or the wing-tip technique. Instead of applying thick lines near the outer corners of your upper lid, you should keep it simple for casual environments.

Overall, you can use any eyeliner technique for almond-shaped eyes. However, we do feel that there are certain techniques that are well-suited for your unique shape. If you are lucky enough to have almond-shaped eyes, test out the cat eye technique before going on a date or hanging out with your boyfriends.