Which Heated Foot Spas is the Best?

Have you been suffering from foot pain or sore foot, and are wondering about how you can tackle this? Well, the answer to your problem is footbath or foot spas, which are designed to alleviate the foot pain.

What is interesting about these machines is that if you decide to purchase one, you will be able to have spa line treatment wherever you are – the comfort of your room. Despite the fact that the items are not necessarily complicated, there is need to select the best foot spas at an affordable price.

If you need better services from a heated foot spa in the comfort of your home, it is mandatory to have high quality foot spa. Below are some of the best heated foot spa you can purchase.

1. Dr. Scholls Invigorating Pedicure

Dr. Scholls Invigorating Pedicure

Have been looking for something that can relax your feet, clean, and keep them tidy? If yes, then an excellent choice for you is Dr. Scholls invigorating pedicure. FeetFeat claims that it has soothing bubbles, heat, and massage that is ideal for you.

At the unit center, you will be able to see a fixed rolling massage, which allows you to place your feet on its top to revive your aching feet.

2. Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Heat, Bubbles, and Lights

Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Heat, Bubbles, and Lights

Generally, Conair has the ability to make various foot spa models and it is regarded as the most common spa. This, however, this does not mean it is the top rated foot spa.

But it can be preferred because of the waterfall that leads to a wonderful feeling across the top of user’s feet. It also has 3 pedicure attachments that enable the user to clean the feet during the mode of relaxation.

3. Spa Foot Salon PRO Homedics Pedicure with Heat

Spa Foot Salon PRO Homedics Pedicure with Heat

If you are interested in a pedicure from and foot spa, the footbath spa is what you need. Pedicure center consists of 4 attachments which pamper one’s feet. Pumice stones are made of different grits. It has a brush and a roller, which helps the user to be on top of his or her appearance and health.

Has your heated foot spa been losing heat after a short period of time? Such is the reason you need a replacement. Spa foot salon has a heating element provides a wonderful experience and its bubbles are powerful, water stays hot for about to 98 degrees, and it is salt safe Epsom.

The only bad thing about the model is the fact that it is somehow noisy when the function of vibration is turned on.

4. PIBBS Footbath Massager

PIBBS Footbath Massager

The foot spa is manufactured by the PIBBS. It is relatively expensive compared to the average model, but the extra cost is justified because of its durability. John Wright claims that PIBBS footbath massage is a model with modes, vibrates heat, and bubbles. The unit is safer to use as it has important oils and the Epsom salt.

Even though the most complaints about foot spas has always been that they do not keep the water for a long time, the PIBBS heating element preservers water and keeps it warm. The bath floor is contoured ergonomically and posses little bubbles for the action of exfoliating.

Also, the foot bath has whistles and bells turned on, it will stay relatively quiet, unlike most models.

5. The Heated Aqau-Jet Foot Spa Made by Brookstone

The Heated Aqau-Jet Foot Spa Made by Brookstone

The spa is an elegant model that provides faster relief from the everyday grind. It has the best heating elements, which has to about 115 degrees efficiently and quickly maintaining temperatures throughout the foot bath. There is no need for adding hot water to enhance enjoyment.

Brookstone in the article “The Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa by Brookstone” holds that the foot spa is one of the best-rated foot baths that solves issues such as aching feet, tension, and muscle stiffness. In case one has cold feet coming from problems of chronic blood circulation, the legs will be warmed right up.

Benefits of Heated foot Spas

  • Relieves achy and sore feet.
  • Enhances sleep.
  • Makes one to feel calm.
  • Brightens mood.

Why spa is better than a Massage Bathtab?

  • Massage bathtub is relatively expensive compared to a heated spa.
  • Massage bathtub is difficult in keeping it clean compared to spa which is easier to preserve and keep it clean.
  • While Spa is flexible, Massage bathtub is hard to move them around.

In summary, before you rush to purchase the most expensive foot spas available on the market, it is critical to consider some crucial features and make the best decision. The most important thing to look for is ensuring that it works well and is long lasting.

One should understand that the more there are a lot of features, the higher the price will be. Therefore, if you are not interested in the fancy features, you can save some money and select a foot spa you need.