Does Makeup Make You Look Younger?

The majority of the people when asked, say they want to forever stay young. Health specialists and fitness instructors have given countless guidelines on how you can reduce your aging process. They include working out often, eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and taking lots water.

The fact nevertheless, remains that aging is a mandatory experience for everyone. However, there are always ways you can use to ensure your aging skin looks youthful. One of them being that you can use makeup tips to look younger!

Makeup Products

Does makeup make you look younger? Yes it does! Nevertheless, it can also make you look older than you are as well. Therefore, you have to be keen on how and what you apply. You have to use the right products such as;

Powder: You have to use powder that blends best with your skin color.

Moisturizer: Different moisturizes should be applied on different skin types. Therefore you should first know what your skin type is.

Cream: There are face and eye creams. They are applied before makeup to smoothen the application.

Sunscreens: They protect the skin from sun rays that cause wrinkles and sun bans. The best sunscreens to apply are those with a wide spectrum because they protect the skin from both the UVA and UVB rays.

Eye shadow, Eyeliner, Eyelashes and Brow pencils: These are all products used on the eyes. If you want to enhance your eyes, choose the right colors best suitable for your skin color. For the eye lashes, always use a curler.

Lipstick: If you want to use lipstick, apply a color that suits your skin color best. It’s also important to check on the texture of the lipstick. A shade with a softer texture is better.

Moisturizing Your Face

This should be the first thing to do even before applying makeup and even before sleeping, after washing off the makeup. If you have a normal skin, you should use a light moisturizer. If you have a dry skin, then a thick moisturizer is best for you.

It should be applied gently on the face, neck and the chest. According to 9 Moisturizing Makeup Finds That Will Save Your Skin, an article written by Melanie Rud Chadwick, the best moisturizers should contain vitamin C and E to protect the skin from cellular damage. You should moisturize your skin because who does not want a hydrated skin?

makeup tips

A hydrating toner is also helps to hydrate the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid which puts together the skin cells and the water. This in return gives a glowing look to the skin. You are only required to pour a little amount of it and then massage it on your face using a cotton pad.

Which Are The Best Makeup Tips?

Brighten the inner cores.

If you want to achieve a more youthful look (and don’t we all?) you have to make the inner cores of your eyes look brighter. You can achieve this by concealing the dark shade at the eyes’ inner cores.

To cover the dark circles under the eyes, you can always draw a triangular shape facing down or even a color corrector to hide off the concealor. This helps your cheeks appear at the forefront.

Apply powder sparingly.

The powder may build up on your face and this ends up giving you a baked face so how do you avoid this? You should apply powder sparingly and spread it using a fluffy brush. The best powders to apply should look natural on your skin.

Highlight tactically.

A young skin appears to have a noticeable dazzle. Highlighting the top part of your cheekbone easily helps you get this dazzle. According to Michelle Villet, creams are the best highlighters compared to powder highlighters because they give you a more natural look. You use your fingers to apply the highlighter to spread it evenly.

Perfect Eyebrows.

Everything else on your look can look imperfect but the eyebrows cannot afford to look bad, right? Natural looking eyebrows give you a younger look compared to the pointy ones with arches.

The only thing that outstanding with perfect eyebrows is their shape and how they are filled up. If your eyebrows are not too much, to fill them you need a tinted wax, pencil or mascara. Tinted brow mascaras are the best.

One of the best makeup artists Jerika Syncere, offered this brows tutorial video:

It teaches you to shape and fill your eyebrows perfectly using mascara because it holds the brows more. She first brushes the hair using the edge of a brush to shape them. She then uses concealor and uses a brush to spread it equally. She ensures the brows acquire a natural look. It is an informative video if you are using mascara for the first time.

A. Lip Color.

Dark colors give your lips an older look. Shades that are softer appear to be more modern and hence giving you a younger look. The softer the texture, the better it is. To apply lipstick, it’s best to use the tip of your finger. Lip balm users should use a tinted rosy to give a glossy look and if your lips bleed then a lip liner is best for you. Drawing the lip line is also a great tip.

B. Less foundation is more!

First of all the foundation should blend with the color of your skin. Applying less foundation helps avoid creases on the face lines hence a sheer foundation is the best. You should intensify the application at the centre of the face, then spreading it to the edges. A concealer should later be applied on top of the foundation layer using a small brush preferably to cover any marks on the face.

In summary, makeup can make you look youthful compared to your actual age. You only need to apply the right makeup using the right products and using the right procedure too and you will look young forever!