Nail Dryer Buying Guide – Top Nail Dryers of The Year

The advancement of technology has brought drastic changes in the beauty sector. Just like nail dryers, these days you have nail dryers too! They can be used when you need to dry your nails as quickly as possible after wearing nail-polish. However, you need the right nail dryer for the purpose.

And that is why we are here to help you! In our buying guide we will introduce you to the different nail dryers that you can use depending on your requirements.

Choosing The Right Nail Dryer Machine

Choosing the right Nail Dryer Machine is not easy and you will have a tough time browsing the net for various options such as the UV nail lamps and warm air dryers.

How to Select The Best Nail Polish Dryer?

It should be chosen keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Purpose: You should first decide whether you want the nail dryers for your personal usage or for professional use.
  • Price: Price is another important factor since some of the nail dryers, such as the LED nail dryers are an environment-friendly option.
  • Type of Nail Paint: The nail dryer that you should buy will depend on the type of nail paint.

professional nail dryer

The table below will offer an insight to three of the most popular nail dryers of the time:

ModelMelodysusie 48w LED Nail DryerUspicy 48w Nail DryerUspicy Macaron 36w Nail Dryer
Type of Nail PaintGel Nail PaintsGel Nail PaintsAcrylic Nail Paints, Gelish
Paints and Shellac Nail Paints
Time5, 20 or 30 Seconds30, 60 or 120 Seconds120 or 180 Seconds
Editor’s ChoiceGoodGoodExcellent
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

1. Melodysusie 48w LED Nail Dryer For Quick Drying of Nail Polish

It comes from the house of MelodySusie, one of the leading manicure brands. It is exclusively meant for the gelish nail colors. The detachable bottom of the dryer helps you to use it both for your hands as well as feet.MelodySusie 48w nail dryer

The automatic sensors allow you to dry the nails at ease, at preset time intervals of 5 Seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds. The time interval mainly depends on the brand of Gel Nail Polish that you are wearing.

It helps in making your nails dry after the application of nail gels and is flawless at its work. However, you may find the nail to be a bit sticky even after the drying process is over. There is nothing to worry in that case as a mere application of cleanser can make your nails smooth.

It is a durable and lasting nail dryer that is environment-friendly too!


The MelodySusie 48w nail dryer helps in drying nails at a super fast speed and is particularly meant for gel-like nail polishes. It is great for both professional as well home uses.

   It can dry the nails as quickly as in 5 seconds, 20 seconds or 30 seconds, depending on the case under consideration.
   You can dry the nails of both your hands as well as feet using this.
   It provides great value for money.
   The design is not a space-saving one. It is a bit larger than what a gel nail polish dryer should ideally be.

2. Uspicy 48w Nail DryerThe Nail Lamp with Automatic Sensor

This Nail Dryer with Automatic Sensor is a combination of both UV and LED nail dryers and is thus capable of drying nails with all the different polishes that come under these categories.Uspicy nail dryer

Its eye-friendly covering helps in protecting the light-sensitive areas. It also comes with a comfortable hand pillow where you can rest your arms as the nails get dried. The bottom tray is magnetically aligned and can be detached in case you need to dry your toe nails.

There are three preset drying times- 30seconds, 60seocnds and 120 seconds of which you may select any one that would suit the nail polish that you are selecting.

The inner side of the tray is coated with a non-slip covering so that it does not slide or get knocked over. Though the LED and CCFL lights use here are safe for the eyes, it uses a pull-down cover so that the eyes can be shielded against the light. It is thus an entirely safe alternative for nail drying.


The Uspicy nail dryer is an effective as well as safe nail dryer. It offers you three preset time intervals to choose from for the purpose of drying. It also comes with provisions for drying the toe nails.

   It has customizable time intervals.
   It is a safe choice for mail drying.
   It is conveniently designed for drying the nails of both hands and feet.
   It is not durable enough.
   You will have to push the button repeatedly in case the automatic sensor malfunctions.

3. Uspicy Macaron 36w Nail DryerThe Dryer for Acrylic, Shellac and Gelish Nail Colors

The Uspicy Macaron 36w is a versatile dryer that can be used to dry different types of nail paints. It comes with PL UVA bulbs that are safe and odourless and can dry the nails faster and that too in a safe way.Uspicy Macaron 36w Dryer

You can set the intelligent timer at time intervals of 2 minutes or minutes depending on your requirements.

It is easy to operate and can be used both for professional and personal purposes. The added advantage is, it can dry other things under UV genre such as UV top coat or UV builder gel.

The four LED bulbs in the drying machine can dry your nail paint flawlessly yet quickly. The UV gloves protect your skin from the UV rays.


The Uspicy UV lamp can be used to dry different types of nail paint with high efficiency and is a safe choice for both your fingers as well as toes. The intelligent timer is an added advantage and the product is great in terms of ergonomics too.

   The versatility of the dryer is definitely a great feature to look for.
   It is a safe alternative.
   It can serve as both personal and professional dryer.
   It takes comparatively more time to dry the nails.

This is all about the top three nail dryers of the time! Buy the one of your choice and have a great time painting your nails!