How To Do Ombre Hair At Home?

Ombre hair is the latest hair coloring trend that has taken people by the storm today all over the world. Ombre hair basically refers to hair highlights where the bottom part of your hair looks considerably lighter than the rest of it.

This requires bleaching of the lower portion of the hair. You can also reverse the process to get the top portion lighter than the rest for a more unconventional look.

Ombre hair can be done at home without much hassle at all. As fancy as the name sounds, if you’ve been wondering how to do ombre hair at home, here are some easy DIY tips that can come in handy for you!

What Do You Need for Going Ombre?

If you’ve decided to bow down to the ombre fever, you’ll need to get your shopping bag ready and buy some ombre hair essentials.

  • Highlighting kit/Hair Bleach (the quantity depends on the length of hair)
  • Hairbrush
  • Foils
  • Plastic gloves
  • A 10 to 40 volume developer (according to the bleach purchased)
  • Large clips
  • Applicator brush
  • Large mixing bowl
  • A chair and a mirror
  • Ash blonde hair dye
  • Deep conditioning treatment
  • Basin to wash hair
  • A reliable timer

As extensive as this list might look, don’t get daunted just yet because you are one step closer to getting the ombre hair of your dreams!

how to do ombre hair

The Essentials Need To Prepare First.

The preparation process is really just to ensure that you haven’t missed anything when you actually start the process. Panic is what often cause blunders, so it’s always great to practice calmness and ensure you have everything you need beforehand.

The most important preparation step is to first dye your hair to their original color before thinking of going Ombre. All the hair color should be out of your hair prior to starting with the ombre hair process. It is recommended to begin from mid-brown.

Simple Steps to do ombre hair at home?

Step 1: The color selection is the most important step of all. Always choose a color that goes well or blends in beautifully with your natural color of hair. The standard options are a shade of blond, red/Auburn or a lighter shade of brown.

Step 2: Make a decision on where you want the color Fade To End. This is to ascertain when and where the natural color of your hair will meet the dyed color.

Step 3: Thoroughly brush your hair and ensure its dry.

Step 4: Put on an old T-shirt and a pair of gloves.

Step 5: Bleach your hair.

Step 6: Let the bleach set and then wash it out.

Step 7: Color your hair.

Step 8: Let the color set and then wash it out.

Step 9: Dry your hair and style it. Take a few minutes to ensure everything is okay.

Step 10: Be prepared to be the talk of the town with your all new ombre hairstyle.

Final tip – Your hair is bound to be a tad bit fried after the entire process due to the application of chemical dye and bleach. Hence, it is recommended to air dry your hair rather than using any hot tools or blow dryer.

Let it get back to normal and enjoy your ombre mane that’s gonna make a style statement for sure!


If you think of getting an ombre hairstyle in a salon, it is bound to be an expensive affair that’s going to leave you short a considerable amount of money. However, if you follow these easy steps at home, you can get beautiful looking ombre hair within a matter of hours.