Professional Hair Straightener – Which One Should You Buy?

Straightened hair is trending and it is difficult to find a woman who wouldn’t prefer to get silky, straight hair over curly or wavy hair. But many of them fail to get the kind of hair that they desire for due to the wrong choice of straightener.

Flat Iron Hair Straightener

A flat iron hair straightener is often used in the beauty salons and also at home for straightening purposes. Before you are buy Hair Straightener Online, you should know more about these flat irons for hair and that is what this buying guide is meant for.

Factors to Consider for Buying a Straightener

  • Metal Used: The straightener usually comes with a ceramic coating or other such coating. It should be ensured that it is safe to be used for your hair.
  • Price: Wasting too much of money behind a straightener is pointless. Again, you should buy a straightener of standard price to ensure that you are buying the right product.
  • Size: The straightener may be big or small and you should select the right size depending on your choice.

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Over here, we will introduce you to three of the most popular straighteners of the time as mentioned in the table:

ModelHSI Professional Flat Iron
BaBylissPRO Porcelain
Ceramic Straightening Iron
Remington Wet to Dry Straightener
Temperature240F to 450F450F300-400F
Metal UsedCeramic Tourmaline PlatesPorcelain Ceramic TechnologyTourmaline Ceramic Plates
Editor’s ChoiceExcellentGoodGood
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

1. HSI Professional Flat Iron The Straightener with Glove, Pouch and Argan Oil

It is a Ceramic Flat Iron with digital display of both power and temperature. You may adjust the temperature within the range of 240 to 450 degree Fahrenheit depending on your requirements.hsi professional flat iron large It uses infra-red technology along with the three oils to hydrate and straighten the hair. It can thus convert a dry, frizzy patch of hair to silky, straight and parlor-like hair!

It does not only straighten the hair but can also bring flips and curls to it, thanks to its rounded structure.

You will find it extremely easy to use since it takes just a few seconds to switch on and heat up. It offers a great value for money.


This iron from HSI can make hair shiny within no time. It comes with convenient adjustment settings for both temperature and power and helps in making frizzy hair straight.

   It is highly effective in making your curly or frizzy hair straight.
   It is durable.
   The mixture of three different oils hydrates the hair and protects it from getting damaged under heat.
   It takes a very short period of time to heat up and thus makes it convenient for you to do a quick styling of your hair before a party.
   Though there is a long temperature range, you may find it difficult to operate it at the lower temperatures.

2. BaBylissPro Ceramic Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron

It uses a rheostat temperature dial up to 450 degree Fahrenheit and thus helps in straightening your hair. It makes it possible for you to try out different hair styles sitting at home.babylisspro porcelain straightening

It can easily convert your wavy hair to straight and will thus allow you to gain everyone’s attraction at the next party! So just get hold of it and get started! You will save the money that you would have otherwise spent at the parlor.

The Baby Bliss Flt Iron can help you to style up your hair in many different ways. High quality metal is used in the straightener along with a special painting so that you hair does not get pinched or pulled in any way during the process. It is thus a safe choice for your hair.

The adjust ability of temperature is another unique feature to find in this product. You can set the temperature at a level that will be convenient for you. Also, the large plate size allows you to straighten more volume of hair within a given amount of time.


This professional flat iron is a unique straightener that helps in bringing a lustrous shine to your frizzy hair. It is also a safe option for your hair.

   It has provisions for adjusting the temperature.
   It is safe choice for your family.
   It straightens the hair quickly enough.
   The burning smell associated with it makes you feel that your hair is getting burnt. In fact, some users have actually got their hair burnt.

3. Remington Wet to Dry Straightenerwith Steam Hydration Therapy

This Ceramic Straightener uses the steam hydration therapy and can be applied to both dry and wet hair. The technology is used to lock moisture into the hair and make it look lustrous and shiny at the same time.Remington S8001G Wet 2 Straight The hydration therapy does not only prevent the hair from drying but is also nourishing for the hair.

The temperature can be adjusted depending on the nature of the hair. The straightener will take only 30 seconds to heat up.

Another thing that you will love about this product is its user interface. The user will understand that the working process has begun since the steam releases a soft hissing sound along with it.

There is a great technical feature of auto shut off which ensures that the straightener switches off after an hour, thus saving electricity.


This appliance from Remington is a professional hair straightener which can be used to get smooth, straight hair within minutes. The temperature adjustability, the steam hydration therapy and the auto shut off feature- all contribute to its uniqueness and popularity.

   Moisture locking technology which allows the straightening to be performed in both dry and wet hair.
   Heating up takes place fast and the auto shut off feature helps in saving charge.
   It is easy to operate, with LCD display of temperature.
   Wet hair, when straightened using it, tends to become wavy after drying.

So, this was all about the top three hair straighteners of the time. Choose one and practice styling your hair at home!