18 Simple Recipes Homemade Foot Soak Help to Relaxing Your Feet

At the end of a long day there isn’t anything like soaking your feet and relaxing. If you want to really pamper yourself and ensure that you get the most out of your soak, then you need to use a homemade foot soak that is tailored to meet your needs.

Any one of these 18 foot soaks will make you feel fresh and new again and give your feet the special treatment that they deserve.

Try out one of these foot soaks the next time you want to relax and pamper yourself. You are sure to feel relaxed and taken care of, no matter which one you choose.

1. Treat Yourself with Peppermint

Treat Yourself with Peppermint

image: livestrong.com

At Live Strong they have an amazing recipe for a foot soak that is sure to make your tired feet feel better again. Add a few rose petals to the soak to really feel pampered and to take your enjoyment to the next level.

2. Use Epsom Salts

Use Epsom Salts

image: onegoodthingbyjillee

Epsom salts are a great way to ensure that your feet feel amazing after their soak. At One Good Thing by Jillee you can see how fast and easy this foot soak is to make so that you can start feeling better right away after a long day.

3. Detox with Listerine

Detox with Listerine

image: goingevergreen.org

Your feet need to detox too, and at Going Ever Green they make it easy for you to really take care of this part of your body using a soak with Listerine. Your feet won’t just be soft, they will also smell amazing when you’re done.

4. Embrace Fall

Embrace Fall

image: diynatural.com

Infusing your homemade foot soak with dried herbs can help you embrace fall when it’s time for this season to come. Using parsley, mint, sage, and eucalyptus leaves a scent that you won’t soon forget, and follow the directions at DIY Natural.

5. Reach for Rosemary

Reach for Rosemary

image: homemadeforelle.com

Rosemary not only smells amazing, but it can also help to detox your feet. At Homemade for Elle you’ll see how easy it is to make this great foot soak and also why you should consider adding lemons to the mix.

6. Choose the Citrus

Choose the Citrus

image: tidymom.net

At Tidy Mom you can learn how making a soak product that you can store in the bathroom cupboard for when you need to pamper yourself ASAP. With lime zest and lime essential oil, you’ll feel refreshed with every soak.

7. Spicy Orange

Spicy Orange

image: thegunnysack.com

At The Gunny Sack you can learn how easy it is to make a spicy citrus and orange soak that will brighten up your mood and engage your senses. With an orange and spice tea, as well as essential oils and Epsom salts, this soak has it all.

8. Treat Your Tired Feet

Treat Your Tired Feet

image: lifeloveandthyme.com

Aching feet deserve this soak from Life Love and Thyme. Packed with great ingredients it is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day and to treat your feet if you have been on them for hours at a time.

9. Detox Feet Recipe

Detox Feet Recipe

image: wellnessmama.com

To detox your feet follow the directions at Wellness Mama and rely on the health benefits that bentonite clay has to pull any toxins from your skin. Your cells will also have access to more oxygen after this soak.

10. Spice it Up

image: thegunnysack.com

Choose a foot soak that will really wake you up when you rely on the power of peppermint tea. Instead of using essential oils, at The Gunny Sack you will learn how to use tea bags and harness the power of tea to treat your feet.

11. Boost Your Immunity

Boost Your Immunity

image: familyfocusblog.com

If you want to give your immune system a boost, then follow this recipe from Family Focus Blog. It has a number of ingredients that will separately help boost your immunity and they can work together to make you as healthy as possible.

12. Rejuvenate Dry Feet

Rejuvenate Dry Feet

image: listerinefootsoak.com

You shouldn’t have to suffer from dry feet, and the experts at Listerine Foot Soak show you what to do to treat yourself. Your skin will feel renewed and soft again when you indulge in this great foot soak.

13. Own Detox Foot Soak

Own Detox Foot Soak

image: ehow.com

If you don’t have a lot of special ingredients on hand, then you don’t have to worry, as eHow shows how you can still enjoy a great foot soak without running out to the store. Try this soak when you want to treat yourself, but don’t’ have a lot of special things to add.

14. Harness the Power of Vinegar

Harness the Power of Vinegar

image: beautyglimpse.com

Everyone knows that vinegar can help clean most any surface in your home, so using it in a foot soak is a great idea. Check out what they do at Beauty Glimpse and see how easy it is to fight infections and clean your feet with this soak.

15. Pamper with Essential Oils

Pamper with Essential Oils

image: grit.com

Adding your favorite essential oils to your foot soak will help to personalize the experience. Reach for eucalyptus and spearmint as they do at Grit to create a relaxing and enjoyable foot soak that you’re sure to love.

16. Treat Cracked Feet

Treat Cracked Feet

image: musthavemom.com

You have to be careful when soaking cracked feet so that you don’t hurt them. At Must Have Mom they combine powerful Listerine and Epsom salts with vinegar to create a foot soak that you are sure to love and it will be gentle on your feet.

17. Use Redmond Clay

Use Redmond Clay

image: modernwellness.com

At Modern Wellness the experts rely on Redmond clay to create a foot soak that is unique and has restorative properties to heal and relax your tired feet. This is a great option if you are in a hurry and want to get the most out of your foot soak.

18. Calm Down with Chamomile

Calm Down with Chamomile

image: suburbansimplicity.com

Chamomile has long been known as having calming properties, and you can harness them with this great foot soak from Suburban Simplicity. Reach for this foot soak when you are stressed and want to relax at the end of a very long day.

The next time you want to treat your feet, try one of these great homemade foot soak for an experience that you are sure to love.